Rosebud Owner To Open Bar Across The Street

ron eyester opening the family dog in morningside ~ what now, atlanta?

"If I Could Name This Place The F*cking Bar, That Would Be Its Name" -- Ron Eyester

But that's not its f*cking name.

Chef Ron Eyester, who owns Rosebud in Morningside, is in the design stages of his newest venture at 1402 N. Highland Avenue, The Family Dog that is slated to open in time for New Years Eve, 2011.

Opening in space that was most recently Pomodoro Italian Restaurant that closed back in April (story here), Eyester says The Family Dog will be a neighborhood pub that will compliment what they've done at Rosebud.

"Think farm to table bar food," said Eyester. "It's going to be wings and other foods that people expect from bars."

What it won't be is a Gastro pub and Eyester adds it is what it is. "If I could name this place The F*cking Bar, that would be its name."

Keeping the continuity among brands, Eyester is naming the bar after The Family Dog, an old music venue in San Francisco where Grateful Dead played at in the late 60's and early 70's. Rosebud was the name of one of Jerry Garcia’s guitars, lead songwriter, guitarist and singer for Grateful Dead.

Eyester plans on incorporating music through an authentic Jukebox and a live two to three man band.

As for where Eyester will spend most of his time, you'll find him at both spots he says. "That's why I am opening it across the street. It's one of those things where you can virtually be at two places at one time."

The Family Dog
1402 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta GA, 30306