La Fruttela enters Atlanta yogurt wars

la fruttela yogurt opening in inman park ~ what now, atlanta?

In the heat of battle without a leg to stand on

La Fruttela, a frozen yogurt shop, is launching their first ever location at the Highland Walk Apartments.

Inspired by European gelaterias and yogurterias, La Fruttela signed a lease for their first location with Perennial Properties at 701 Highland avenue in the Inman Park/Old 4th Ward area.

Within walking distance of neighborhood favorites, P'cheen and Highland Bakery, La Fruttela is entering the Atlanta yogurt wars at a very peculiar time. With yogurt shops breeding like rabbits, it seems La Fruttela is tempting fate by launching an unknown brand.

Yogli Mogli, Yoforia, and Pinkberry, for example, are producing so much yogurt in Atlanta, it's going to start snowing the frozen cow juice it's made from this winter.

Entrepreneur Angela N. Beltran has been busy trademarking several words and phrases for this concept and considering the brand is so new, no other information is available.

But if you've never seen trademark documentation, it's interesting. Check it out here!

La Fruttela
701 Highland Avenue NE # 2
Atlanta, GA 30312