Fulton County Fails Its Own Health Inspection

Gov. center cafe scores violations including the need to 'treat area for roaches and fruit flies.'

A Fulton County Government cafeteria failed its December health inspection, according to a report from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The cafe located inside the Fulton County Government Center, at 141 Pryor St. SW, scored a 59 out of 100 on an inspection from Dec. 17  (anything below a 70 is a failing score, according to the Health Dept.).

The Fulton County Government cafe's violations include the need to "treat area for roaches and fruit flies" and "employees not washing their hands."

For a complete list of violations, click here to view the Food Service Establishment Inspection Report.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Emerson.

Fulton County Gov. Cafe Atlanta - December failed restaurant health inspections