Did Murphy's Restaurant in Virginia-Highland force Midtown's piano bar into last minute name change?

Mirffee's Den ~ What Now Atlanta

Why else would 'Mirffee's Den' pick random letters to try and re-spell its name in the ugliest way possible?

Just days before its opening Wednesday, Mirffee's Den (originally spelled "Murphy's"), has been busy switching signs, menus, receipt letterhead, etc., to reflect its recently changed name.

The soon-to-open "sixties-style piano" bar, at 794 Juniper Street (formerly Avra Greek Tavern), still has two signs outside the space, one where its name is spelled, "Murphy's" and the other, spelled, "Mirffee's."

On a trip to the restaurant Monday, an employee told What Now Atlanta, the "owner of Murphy's Restaurant in Virginia-Highland was not happy with the restaurant's name."

Sounds like a potential trademark infringement case and quite possibly the only excuse for a name so hideous it hurts to look at.