Atlantic Station begins metamorphosis as White House Black Market closes

white house black market closes at atlantic station ~ what now, atlanta?

Update (August 17, 2011): Drew Lewis to replace White House Black Market at Atlantic Station

New developer seeks your advice on what should open in the retailer's place

It's as plain as black and white.

Atlantic Station is evolving and White House Black Market's (WHBM) closing has initiated said "Evolution."

WHBM closed over the weekend and the space it filled has been completely emptied.

We recently met with Managing Partner at North American Properties (new owner of the Town Center portion of Atlantic Station), Mark Toro, who is soliciting the advice of the neighborhood for the direction the development should take.

Town Center at Atlantic Station is a district that includes Publix, the Regal 16 Cinemas, LA Fitness, retailer H&M and restaurants such as Rosa Mexicano and Dolce Entocea e Ristorante.

"We plan to make Atlantic Station the center for the Midtown community and a focal point for in-town Atlanta," said Mark Toro.

"Job one is to reach out to our neighbors and ask, ‘How can we work together to make Atlantic Station better serve Midtown?' This transformation will take time. The most immediate change will be our level of engagement."

Liz Gillespie, vice president of marketing at Atlantic Station, informed us WHBM would close this weekend, specifically asking we seek our readers advice for what should open in it's place.

"The space formally occupied by White House Black Market is available for a new shop or boutique. Who should fill it?"

As much as we've seen Atlantic Station struggle and as much as we've despised its transplanted-outdoor-Smyrna-Simon-Mall-feel, after speaking with Toro and Gillespie, we are confident the development is headed in the right direction.

But it's up to you.

Toro and Gillespie will be launching a major campaign in the coming months soliciting your advice.

In the interim, they read What Now Atlanta and its comments, so leave a comment with the local and national retailers and restaurateurs you want to see at the all new Atlantic Station!

White House Black Market
171 17th St NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30363